The Documentary

Inspired and driven by the stories of Canadian women with HER2+ breast cancer, About Her is the first film of its kind and an incredibly important piece of the HER2+ storytelling and community-building experience.

About Her captures the brave and honest stories of nine women across Canada who have been diagnosed with this aggressive form of breast cancer. They are a diverse and compelling group of young women. Some live in rural areas, some in urban centres, some are married, some are mothers, but each of them speak candidly about the shock of diagnosis and the emotional experience of confronting mortality and finding new hope for the future.

This 60 minute documentary is a funny, honest and eloquent portrait of nine different women all facing and embracing life in the wake of a common diagnosis. It also aims to inspire women with HER2+ breast cancer, their families and health care providers to share their experiences and connect with others through the TellHER2 community.

About Her has been broadcast on television in Canada and Australia and was the closing night film at the 2011 Breast Fest Film Festival. You can bring About Her to your community. See below for more information. You can also watch a 15-minute version of the film, featuring five of the nine women who take part in the full length version.


By bringing About Her to your community, you will be inspiring people to raise awareness about young women and HER2+ breast cancer!

Whether you are interested in screening the film for a small group of people, a large audience or in the classroom, we are here to help. We’ll provide you with a copy of the film, publicity kit to help promote the screening and can put you in touch with a breast cancer survivor and/or an oncologist who can answer questions after the screening.

For more information on how you can hold a screening in your community, please contact us.