Rethink Breast Cancer

TellHER2 is a new and exciting program developed by RETHINK BREAST CANCER (

Rethink Breast Cancer targets young women
Motivating young women to think differently about their breast health, empowering young people living with breast cancer and inspiring an untapped population to support the cause, Rethink has brought breast cancer awareness to the front line of a new generation.

It’s been eight years since fundraising maverick MJ DeCoteau and marketing wiz Alison Gordon joined forces with an energetic group of impassioned volunteers to create Rethink Breast Cancer, a brand that resonates among a young (and youthful minded!) crowd whose show of support and connection to the breast cancer cause was almost non-existent until the charity’s timely launch in 2001.

“A lot of young women do not consider themselves at risk for breast cancer because of their age, but it is now the leading cause of cancer death in women ages 15-40,” says Rethink executive director DeCoteau, whose mother lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 52. “Our focus on young women is making them aware that they are the best guardians of their own health.

As well as educating young women about prevention and early detection and raising funds for promising young breast cancer researchers, Rethink Breast Cancer is funding supportive-care programs for young women with breast cancer.

Younger women with breast cancer often have different issues to cope with or consider than older women—fertility, risk of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, diagnosis during pregnancy, childcare, employment, financial implications, support needs and of course isolation. Rethink currently has a variety of unique and innovative program serving young women with breast cancer across the country.

“So many people are touched by breast cancer, but each person’s experience is very different, resulting in a wide range of needs that are not always met through traditional support and education options,” says MJ DeCoteau “we are open to working with these young women to continue to meet their needs however and wherever we can”.

By inspiring and engaging people affected by this disease, Rethink is as dedicated as ever to using savvy and compelling means to give a voice to women with breast cancer and provide support for their unique needs.

For Rethink, TellHER2 is right on target!