Welcome to TELLHER2

TellHER2 is a social network designed to connect and support Canadian women touched by HER2+ breast cancer.

As a woman living with HER2+ breast cancer, you are facing incredible challenges. But when you give a voice to your story of vulnerability, resilience, courage and hope, it has a transformative effect on everyone privileged enough to hear it. And when you are empowered to share that story with an online community that stretches across the country, it can change the way Canadians perceive and experience the impact of HER2+ breast cancer.

Your words have power. Your story can be a source of strength and inspiration to others. You can touch the lives of others in a profound way simply by sharing what’s in your heart and mind.

You may be in treatment, in remission or a long term survivor of HER2+ breast cancer. You might be the best friend of a woman affected by HER2+, her husband, her mother, her sister. Or perhaps you’re a general physician, a care-aide, an oncologist or a nurse involved in her treatment and care. Share your unique perspective and give your experience a voice. Together, we can share the journey—and tell the story that Canada needs to hear.